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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where are practices held?
A. ALL teams will practice at the South Cobb Recreation Center, unless more gym space is required.

Q. What day are games played?
A. Most games will be played on Saturdays, unless stated otherwise. Most SCYBA teams will play eight regular season games plus a single elimination end of year tournament. Please keep in mind, if a regular season game is cancelled we will do our best to reschedule the game if the gym space is available.

Q. What night is practice & what days are games played?
A. During the 1 or 2 week preseason, each team will practice once or twice a week for 1 hour (depending on gym availability). After preseason; each team will practice only once a week. Practice for all age groups will be one weekday night per week and a game on Saturday (unless noted). After the New Year’s break we will replace the last week or two of practice with one game during the weekday. Due to the limited gym availability and the uncertainty as to the number and/or ages of the children registering with SCYBA, game and practice schedules will not be available until after the drafting of teams occurs. Also, there is no guarantee of what day of the week you could practice. This is typically determined by the coach of your child's team and based on the time slots available, however we will do our best to honor any particular night you CANNOT practice.


ALL registered kids, regardless of size, or ability, are required to play at least one uninterrupted quarter in each game (excluding tournament games), however SCYBA encourages each coach to play each player at least (2) quarters.

Q. Can I make a partial payment?
A. Reference the registration link for more information.  Early registration and returning player discounts are available.

Q. If I change my mind can I get a refund?
A. Reference the SCYBA By-Laws for the refund policy.

Q. Is my child guaranteed to play in each game?
A. All coaches are REQUIRED to play each player at least one (1) uninterrupted quarter in the first half of each game (except the end of year tournament).  Reference the SCYBA By-Laws for more information. 

Q. What does registration cost?

The registration fee is $155 per 5-12 year old boys and 5-6 year old girls.  The registration fee is $155 for each 13-18 year old boy and 7-14 year old girl.  If a player registers after the deadline date, a $25 late registration fee will be applied. Non-Cobb County residents will be accessed an additional $25 out of county fee as required by Cobb County P.A.R.K.S.

Q. Are there any discounts for multiple kids?

A. Yes, there is a $10 discount for the 1st additional player and a $5 discount for the 2nd additional player. The players MUST be registered at the same time in order to get the discount.

Q. Can I register via another method besides online?

A. No

Q. What does my registration fee cover?

A. There are many costs involved in running the league. Over 95% of the registration fees you pay must be used for referees, scorekeepers, gym rental, equipment, uniforms, awards, tournaments, etc.

Q. What are the age requirements?

A. Children must be at least 5-years old on or before Sept 1st and no older than 18 years old (14 for girls).

Q. My child is currently playing football or another sports and may miss the 1st scheduled practice or game(s) can i register my child late?

A. Please do not delay in registering you child. As long as your child is registered during the registration period, he/she will be guaranteed a spot on a team. The coach will have his/her uniform waiting. We will do our best to make your transition as smooth as possible.


Q. Why does SCYBA require all players to attend the mandatory skills test?
A. A mandatory skills test is required for ALL players prior to being drafted to a team. This will be conducted by SCYBA coaches and or board members, who will judge each players skill level so each team will be made of players with similar skill levels.

Q. How are SCYBA teams created?

A. ALL SCYBA teams will be created by a draft system which is similar to the NBA or WNBA.  It’s very important your son or daughter attend the skills assessments prior to the draft.  See the schedule posted on the website for more details.


Q. When will my child get his or her uniform?
A. Uniforms will be distributed before the 1st game per the head coach.  Registering after the deadline could result in your child not having a uniform for the 1st game.

Q. Are there any equipment requirements?

A. All players MUST wear shoes that will not leave black marks on the gym floor.


Q. What are the requirements to become a coach?
A. Download and submit the coach’s application ASAP. SCYBA requires background checks for all coaches.

Q. How old do I have to be to be a head coach?

A. All coaches must be at least 18 years old.

Q. Do I need to know how to play basketball to coach?

A. No, SCYBA is organized so that anyone can coach. A coaches clinic will be scheduled to assist ALL coaches become a better coach.

Q. What can I do to volunteer?

A. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any SCYBA board member or e-mail us at [email protected].


Q. Will there be a day for pictures?
A. Yes, the schedule will be posted on the website as soon as available.


Q. What happens if school is closed due to inclement weather?
A. The general rule of thumb is if school is closed due to inclement weather, then all SCYBA events are cancelled. SCYBA encourages everyone to check the website frequently for the final announcement from the league.


Q. Will all teams participate in the end of the year tournament?
A. After all of the regular season games are played, ALL teams will compete in a single game elimination, end of the year tournament.  Awards will be given to all players on 1st and 2nd place teams.


Q. Is there an end of the year awards banquet?
A. As of 8/19/2015, there is no end of the year banquet.  Awards will be issued at the conclusion of the end of year (EOY) tournament game.


Q. How do I find out how the league is governed?
A. The SCYBA board of directors recommends that all parents read the SCYBA By-Laws for more detailed information on how the league is governed. A copy is available on the web site.

Q. How many players played with SCYBA last year?
A. SCYBA averages 200-250 players.  We strongly encourage you to register early because slots fill up fast.  Thanks to you, SCYBA has the most successful basketball program in all of Cobb County.

Q. How do I file a complaint?
A. Any complaints or compliments about procedure, uniforms, etc should be made to the League Director of your child’s age group. If the issue is not resolved, then talk to any SCYBA board member.

Q. What happens if a scheduled event changes?
A. We will do our best to minimize schedule changes, but if a schedule changes, we will communicate these changes ASAP. Please frequently check the website for updates or changes.